anatomy scan during COVID-19

I went to my anatomy scan today alone. I was greeted in the hospital by 3 nurses in masks screening everyone that came in and giving those that passed the screen a piece of paper allowing them to enter.

During the ultrasound, I recorded videos for my husband to see since he wasn’t allowed to come with me. There was a heavy energy all around yet the doctor and I tried to keep it light. We tried to talk about when I should come back but we both knew that the next appointment wasn’t guaranteed.

We talked about struggling with depression and anxiety and ways to cope during this time. She acknowledged that this is a hard time for everyone and not to be discouraged and praised me for recognizing my symptoms.
It was all so heavy.

I’m sad for my husband not being able to experience this special moment with me.

I’m sad for all the women whose fertility treatments have been cancelled or delayed.

I’m sad for all the pregnant women who have to take phone appointments in place of office visits.

I’m sad for all the pregnant women being triaged alone.

I’m sad for all the families that won’t get to experience their first grandchild being born.

I’m sad for the NICU parents who are only allowed one parent visiting at a time.

I’m sad there are no guarantees for spouses to be present during c-sections due to the lack in PPE.

I’m sad for all the dads that have to miss all the well being checkups and miss hearing the heartbeat.

I’m sad for the families and friends who can’t meet the new baby or only able meet them through a glass window.

Today hit hard and I’m sorry for all those that are struggling during this time. It’s scary, unpredictable and emotional.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank those who are on the front lines doing the necessary work to support all of us.

Hopefully this will all be over soon and we come out of this healthier, more educated and connected than ever before. Much love 💕

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