car seat & strollers

As a first-time mom – car seat and stroller decisions can be overwhelming. They’re so many options, so many considerations and so much information that it makes it hard to focus. Also, one thing that I learned is that you HAVE to get an infant carseat if you want it to latch it into a stroller. Convertible carseats do not latch into strollers so you’d have to get the baby in and out of the car seat every time you want to transfer him/her into a stroller… and who wants to do that? Also, another thing to consider… if you plan on having kids back to back – I would suggest a system that accommodates two kids. The Evenflo Pivot Travel System I mention at the end of this post has a great double stroller option!

A few things i knew FOR SURE that I wanted was:

1.) a bassinet stroller so i can push baby girl around the neighborhood without strapping her in

2.) an EASY, lightweight, travel-friendly and SAFE infant carseat/stroller combo to use up to approx. 1 year that I don’t have to buckle her in and out of every time we get out of the car

3.) not spend an absurd amount of money

With these things in mind – I started my search.

What we decided on – the Doona AND the Graco Modes Bassinet stroller. These two options together cost $700 and they’re the best of both worlds.

I chose the Doona stroller mainly because of the safety ratings and convenience it provides with travel. Not to mention that you DO NOT need a base for this carseat, therefore you can travel without a base, and grandparents don’t need a base either if they need to take the baby somewhere. The wheels are already attached so you don’t need to connect the carseat to a stroller and you can basically avoid waking the baby when getting him/her in and out of the car. Only downside to these is that if you want storage, you have to buy a storage bag, we also bought the 360 Protection cover to extend the shade because its rather small. See below for more information:

We also chose the Graco Modes Bassinet Stroller so that I could easily take her on walks around the neighborhood without having to buckle her in and out of it. This also turns into a toddler stroller so it will last a long time and if we want an extra carseat we can buy a rather cheap Graco model to snap in. You can purchase on amazon for $199:

Eventually, you will need a convertible carseat but you don’t really need this until baby grows out of their infant carseat around a year old. However, we still added this to our registry so that we could have it. We decided on the Clek Fllo with the anti-rebound bar mainly because of safety ratings and reviews. This will last her a long time and isn’t overly expensive. Albee baby actually has Capri blue color on sale for $299 right now. Follow the link below:

Initially, I thought I was SET on the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System. It met ALL of our needs and for only $279 – it really can’t be beat (see below). It turns into a bassinet, has a safe carseat and then also coverts to a toddler stroller so it will last. the only downside was that the bases are REQUIRED and cost $60 for extras (therefore the grandmothers would have to spend $60 to have bases for their cars). Again, not a bad option and honestly, if you want to go for the most cost-effective – this is the best option. We tested it out in Target and it was a little difficult latching the carseat into the stroller but other than that this is a great option. Follow this link to purchase from Amazon:

If you have any questions about any of the information I provided please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.

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