pregnancy skin care

I’ve been focused on clean skin care for a few years now so to be completely honest, not much has changed for me besides the inclusion of some bio oil & stretch mark lotion but I want to share it with y’all. As always, if you have specific questions consult a doctor but, in my case, all of these products have been cleared by my dermatologist office & OBGYN.

my routine:

Face wash: epionce gentle foaming cleanser

Toner: epionce balancing toner

Deodorant: crystal *UNSCENTED* – this is my holy grail natural deodorant and be sure to get the unscented version – adding scents basically eliminates the “all natural” disclaimer

Body lotion: I alternate between the epionce medical barrier cream and Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion (to be honest, I only alternate to make my medical barrier cream last longer because it’s kinda pricey)

Facial lotion: epionce enriched firming lotion – I have super dry sensitive skin so I use a small pea-sized drop of this every morning and it’s UH-mazing

Stretch mark prevention: I use the Palmer’s stretch mark lotion in the morning and Bio Oil in the evening. The Bio Oil can leave residue on your clothes so I save this for bed time.

Perfume: in my opinion, you should ditch all perfume period… especially while pregnant! I stick solely to Ambre Blends Solace and sometimes I switch up the scent to Ambre but this is all-natural essential oil safe for pregnancy!

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